FK 45 mm Aluminum Conveyor

Benefits of FK 45 mm Aluminum Conveyors:

FK Series is a compact and neat design for small items and fast transportation. It is also used for twin track application for pallet assembly line.

Different Conveyor Chain Types
The FK multi-flexing conveyor systems uses a plastic chain that permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. In addition to the standard types, several special purpose chains are available. Take a look in the Conveyor Tech Guide available below under Manuals & Literature for all options.

Examples of Products Handled

  • Perfume bottles
  • Pharmaceutical bottles.

Chain Width (mm)

Conveyor Chain Width (mm)
 Chain Width (mm)45 mm
 Tensile strength at 20ºC (N) 4000 N
 Working temperature ºC 20ºC – 60ºC
 Min. turning radius (mm) 150 mm
 Max. working tensile at 20ºC (N) 500 N
 Link spacing (mm) 25.4 mm
 Max. weight on conveyor (kg)150 kg
 Item width (mm) 35-500 mm
 Max. conveyor length (m) 30 m
 Standard conveyor speed (m/min) 3-50 m/min
 Chain weight (plain) (kg/m) 0.63 kg/m
 Max. item weight (kg) 10 kg

Chain Width (inch)

Conveyor Chain Width (inch)
 Chain Width (inch)1.73″
 Tensile strength at 68ºF (lbf)899.20 lbf
 Working temperature ºF-4ºF – 140º F
 Min. turning radius (inch)5.91″
 Max. working tensile at 68ºC (lbf)112.40 lbf
 Link spacing (inch)1.00″
 Max. weight on conveyor (lb)330 lb
 Item width (inch)1.4 – 19.7″
 Max. conveyor length (ft) 100 ft
 Standard conveyor speed (ft/min) 10 – 165 ft/min
 Chain weight (plain) (lb/ft)0.43 lb/ft
 Max. item weight (lb)22 lb

Manuals & Literature